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Carolin Hidalgo

State-certified foreign language correspondent
My name is Carolin Hidalgo-Eberth. One can deduct from my name, that I have both Spanish and German roots of origin.

In addition I have always been fascinated by the dynamic of the English language.

Therefore translating comes quite natural to me.

I became a state-certified foreign language correspondent and a translator for English and Spanish.

My main area of work are comic books from the United States, which I translate into German. This work includes a broad spectrum of background knowledge of the enormous world of comic literature, movies, pop culture, as well as classic literature and cheap literature.


Comics that I have translated

A small selection of comics that I have translated over the past 10 years.


What I offer

In my work I combine German efficiency and Spanish passion. An interesting mixture, is it not? Only few people can say that their heart and brain are acting in concert. 😉

What good does that do? Well …

Highly qualified translations

Highly qualified translations of (almost) all kinds of texts, mainly in the literature area.


Content, style, orthotypografy.


Translations of movies, shows, videogames, as well as subtitling of all kinds of topics.

Language combinations

From English and Spanish into German.
From Spanish into English.
From German into English.


With them I have translated great projects

So far I have translated texts / projects for the following companies.

Publisher: Panini Verlag

The Panini Group is the global market leader in the field of collectible products and collectible cards. Panini is also one of the leading publishers of children’s magazines and books, comics, manga and graphic novels in Europe and Latin America.

Publisher: Hachette Verlag

Hachette Collections is a subsidiary of Hachette Livre, Europe’s largest publishing house. Hachette Livre publishes e.g. Fiction, travel guides, cookbooks and school books.

Unabhängige Flugbegleiter Organisation

UFO represents the professional and collective bargaining interests of more than 30,000 cabin employees in Germany.

Sony Online Entertainment

Formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, today Daybreak Games. Also responsible for DC Universe Online.

Other projects with

Dorling Kindersley, MAKMA…


How to reach me